Stabler receives prestigious UF Foundation Preeminence Term Professorship

Cherie Stabler

Cherie Stabler, Ph.D., Professor & Integra LifeSciences Term Professor, is the recipient of the 2022-2023 UF Foundation Preeminence Term Professorship. She was recognized for her research and outstanding record of accomplishment.

The UF Foundation’s Term Professorship program was created in 2013 to support UF’s Preeminence goals. Each fall, the Foundation awards two $25,000 term professorships for the duration of three years. The award highlights UF’s commitment to invest in faculty members whose work is transforming lives. Faculty members may receive the award once during the program’s lifetime.

Stabler’s research centers on engineering translational biomaterial platforms for cell-based therapies, particularly Type 1 diabetes. Specifically, her research seeks to develop bioactive materials capable of: protecting cells from immunological attack; providing 3-D support of the transplanted cells; presenting cues for guiding positive host cell remodeling; and releasing therapeutic agents. Through the fabrication of novel biomaterials capable of actively interfacing with the host, she seeks to optimize the graft environment to favor the long-term survival and function of the implanted cells.

This award is the latest in a series of recognitions for Stabler, including her induction as a Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Fellow, 2021 and UF HWCOE Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Award, 2021.