Student Spotlight: David Hall

David Hall

Lab: Professors Dr. Jon Dobson and Dr. Kevin Otto

Hometown: Spring Texas

Degree: I am currently working towards the completion of my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Year you became a Gator: 2019

From which institutions do you hold degrees:
University of Texas at San Antonio, BS in Biomedical Engineering

Research focus:
Deep-Brain Stimulation is used for treating several neurological disorders like epilepsy and Tourette’s syndrome, it is exceptionally invasive and limited in its application due to its lack of cell-specificity and electrode size. I am trying to address these issues using by creating new technologies for neurostimulation using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles to target and stimulate specific regions of the brain.

What motivates you:
I get very excited about research and am passionate about creating new technologies that can really impact people’s lives. I hope that one day my research can be used to better treat neurological disorders and other medical issues.

What attracted you to UF BME?
When I was interviewing at UF, the department was very welcoming and Inviting. It was this atmosphere combined with the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Jon Dobson and Dr. Kevin Otto made UF my number one choice in graduate programs. I’m also originally from Houston, so hot and humid is like home to me.

What I love about Gainesville:
I love the small-town vibe and all of the natural scenery. I get to see all kinds of beautiful wildlife and there are plenty of parks and gardens to go hiking in around campus.

Honors & Awards:

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
University of Florida Graduate School Preeminence Award Fellowship
MIT Amgen Scholar
NIH RISE-2 Scholar and Peer Mentor
Peter T. Flawn Presidential Honors Scholarship