Student Spotlight: Renae Burke

Renae Burke

Lab: Dr. Kevin Otto’s Neuroprostheses Research Lab

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Research focus: Developing a bidirectional brain-machine interface to provide sensory feedback from prosthetic hands relies on the chronic performance of neuroprostheses in both recording and stimulation. I am testing the stimulation and recording capabilities of an implantable microcoil to assess whether micromagnetic stimulation is able to compensate for the decrease in prosthesis functionality linked to a foreign body reaction.

Fun fact: I am graduating with a dual degree in Music for violin performance, but I also play flute, viola, and piccolo!

What motivates you? I get very excited about biomedical science! I’m also strongly motivated by the desire to support my community, through the development of medical treatments as well as bringing people together through music.

What attracted you to UF BME? I was interested in UF BME’s strong research focus, which has provided so many opportunities to learn about and participate in cutting-edge biomedical research.

What I love about Gainesville: Gainesville is full of hope, learning, arts, and culture. There are new experiences around every corner that enrich the soul; I’ve loved seeing local bands perform, hearing life stories from locals, and exploring the diverse natural landscape.

Motivational Quote: What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

Honors and Awards: University Scholars Program, Sung Scholarship for Orchestra