UF BME at the BMES Annual Meeting

UF BME had an excellent turnout for the 2022 BMES Annual Meeting in San Antonio this past month! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Department. Faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff members were all in attendance and represented UF well. Several alums stopped by the UF booth to say hello and tell us their stories! Event photos here!

Aside from hosting a booth and reception, individual faculty and students were involved in the BMES Annual Meeting in many other ways! We had faculty, students, and post-docs hosting oral presentations, posters, and diversity talks.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved and supported the department at BMES in San Antonio!

UF BME Booth

The department hosted one of the more extensive booth exhibits where we greeted a range of visitors, answering questions about our academic program and talking about the exciting research at UF BME! There was also a great response from faculty candidates who stopped by the booth.



Faculty Celebrations

One of the highlights of the meeting was at the BMES Town Hall Award Ceremony, where Dr. Kevin Otto was inducted as a BMES Fellow, and Dr. Erika Moore received the BMES Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award!

2022 BMES Class of Fellows
Dr. Kevin Otto




2022 BMES Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award
Dr. Erika Moore