UF BME Students in the Medical Physics Program Capture National and State Awards

UF BME students in the Medical Physics Program  have been recognized for their outstanding research and presentations at two meetings this spring.  At the Annual AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting Young Investigator Symposium, twelve students from throughout the world made presentations on clinical research in medical physics and UF students captured both the first and second place awards!  

Anna Mench won first place for her presentation, Investigation of X-ray attenuation properties of organs within the body and head of cadaveric subjects vs. living patients for the validation of CT organ dose measurements, with co-authors  L. Sinclair, T. Griglock, B. Cormack, J. Siera, and M. Arreola. Lindsay Sinclair was awarded second place for her work on Direct organ dose measurement for multi-detector computed tomography utilizing cadaveric subjects, with co-authors  A. Mench, T. Griglock, B. Cormack, S. Bidari, and M. Arreola.  Both were recognized and presented with a cash award.   

In April, a number of students from medical physics programs in Florida presented at the FL AAPM meeting, competing for the coveted Lawrence T. Fitzgerald Award.  Badal Juneja was awarded the 2013 Lawrence T. Fitzgerald Award for outstanding student presentation for his work on Characterization of x-ray source and detector geometry for the Compton backscatter imaging system for medical applications mentored by Frank Bova, Ph.D.  Anna Mench and Lindsay Sinclair reprised their Spring Clinical Meeting awards, winning the second and third place awards, respectively.  The students received a cash prize for each award and were recognized in front of the Chapter.

Congratulations on these prestigious awards!