UF BME Summer Clinical Immersion Design Program

Dr. Walter Lee Murfee was recently awarded an esteemed NIH R25 grant to sponsor an enriching summer clinical immersion experience for biomedical engineering students. The primary objective is to enhance the undergraduate learning journey by seamlessly integrating real-world clinical challenges throughout the curriculum.

The program was hosted by the UF Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (CELS), which provided an immersive simulation center. The program also incorporated interactions with industry partners, clinical shadowing and hand-on prototyping. Our BME students gained in-depth insights into medical procedures, acquired hands-on experience with both physical and computer-based tools used in the field, and even had the opportunity to interact closely with physicians during their training.

Here are a few inspiring quotes from our students:

  • “Participating in this program offered me invaluable clinical exposure and a chance to forge connections with industry leaders from KLSMartin, Biosense, Edwards, and Axogen. Shadowing medical professionals allowed me to experience the clinical field firsthand. Additionally, I learned to view BME courses from a teaching perspective, bridging the gap between clinical scenarios and engineering applications.”
  • “This program enabled us to apply the design principles we learned in our previous classes to real-life situations. Learning to utilize various equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, water jets, and power tools has been incredibly valuable. Furthermore, observing different physicians and their cases allowed me to witness the seamless integration of BME in the clinical setting. Witnessing how company representatives are present in the OR to teach and troubleshoot medical devices during surgery was enlightening. As someone with a pre-med background who loves biomedical engineering coursework, seeing these two worlds come together was truly inspiring.”

The program concluded with a celebratory luncheon, expressing gratitude to the Center for Experiential Learning and Stimulation for hosting the BME students and making this immersive experience possible.

UF BME extends heartfelt thanks to UF Health, KLS Martin Group, AxoGen, Biosense Webster, and Edwards Lifesciences for their collaboration and support in making this transformative program a reality.