If I am admitted, will you provide financial support?

PHD candidates

The majority of applicants admitted to our PhD program are offered a fellowship, a research assistantship, or a combination of the two. Fellowships are provided by UF Graduate School and distributed at the departmental level. Again, students do not need to apply to be considered for these UF Fellowships. Graduate Research Assistantship are typically offered for students matched directly with a Doctoral Advisor, who will provide financial support. Fellowships and Assistantship include a stipend, a tuition waiver (to the student), and health insurance. Please see additional information on fellowships. Applicants will be notified via email if they are awarded a fellowship or assistantship.

MS Candidates

Financial support is limited for students admitted to the Masters of Engineering and Master of Science program and the department and college of engineering does not provide a scholarship or fellows that provides full support for tuition and stipend costs. The department provides limited Achievement Award Scholarship that is used to offset tuition costs. MS applicants do not need to formally apply to be considered for this scholarship. Awarded students will be notified via email if they receive this fellowship.

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