Williams appointed as Standing Member of BNVT Study Section

Dr. Lakiesha Williams, professor and associate chair for graduate studies, has been invited to serve as a standing member of the Bioengineering of Neuroscience, Vision Technologies Study Section (BNVT). This appointment recognizes Dr. Williams’ expertise and contributions to bioengineering and neuroscience.

The BNVT study section reviews applications focused on developing and utilizing bioengineering, materials engineering, and computational approaches for studying the nervous system’s development, structure, function, or pathology. This includes a broad spectrum of technologies applied to neural systems and eye tissues, particularly in technique development.

Williams’ appointment as a standing member of BNVT highlights her leadership and scholarly achievements in advancing interdisciplinary research at the intersection of bioengineering and neuroscience. Her expertise will contribute significantly to the review process and the advancement of innovative technologies in these critical areas.