BME doctoral students awarded NIH CTSI TL1 Predoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to BME doctoral students Sarah Long (Gunduz Lab) and Kyle See (Fang Lab) who were awarded an NIH CTSI TL1 Predoctoral Fellowship.

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) TL1 Predoctoral Training Program provides predoctoral trainees with the skills required to develop a career in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. The program uses a team-science approach and provides mentoring and educational training for predoctoral students performing clinical or translational research in health-related fields at UF.

Long’s work has the potential to significantly advance our understanding of the network level mechanisms involved in implicit learning. She has teamed up with Catherine Tocci, a doctoral student of neuropsychology in the laboratory of Dr. William Perlstein, to complete a multimodal investigation of attention and implicit learning in the context of cognitive rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury.



See’s current research interests focus on machine learning, motor control and cognitive neuroscience studying underlying methods and mechanisms of cognition and motor control through data science. He explores neural connections in the brain to decipher and identify brain regions that correspond to an area of the body to a specific point on the central nervous system using machine learning. Under the TL1 Training Grant, See is teaming up with Rachel Judy, a doctoral student of Dr. Coombes from the Laboratory for Rehabilitation Neuroscience. They will continue their collaboration between labs merging both machine learning and rehabilitation neuroscience to predict short-term and long-term effects of spinal cord stimulation.