Dr. Huabei Jiang Receives New Grant From Bankhead-Coley

Huabei Jiang

Dr. Huabei Jiang, a J. Crayton Pruitt Family Professor, has been awarded a one-year $155,250 Bankhead-Coley Bridge Grant entitled “Combined Photoacoustic and Diffuse Optical Tomography.” Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, MD, Associate Professor and Edward M. Copeland III Chair in Breast Cancer Research from the Department of Surgery was named as co-Investigator.

In this project, Dr. Jiang and his students, in collaboration with Dr. Grobmyer, a surgical oncologist, will develop a novel imaging technology that integrates photoacoustic tomography and diffuse optical tomography in a single platform for breast cancer detection in humans. The success of this research may allow the detection of breast cancer at a much earlier stage while the tumors are still very small.