BME Seminar: “Highly Sensitive MR Probes fo the Investigation of Cardiac Metabolism and Cancer Imaging”

Date(s) - 05/21/2012
11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Dr. Chalmermchai Khemtong, Advanced Imaging Research Center, University of Southwestern Texas

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a powerful clinical imaging technique that allows for noninvasive tomographic visualization of anatomic structures with high special resolution and soft tissue contrast. However, its molecular imaging applications have been hindered by the lack of sensitivity and detection accuracy. In this presentation, I will describe two classes of ultrasensitive MR probes that were developed for cancer imaging and cardiac metabolism applications, respectively. First, the development and in vivo MRI of superparamagnetic polymeric micelles will be presented. In the latter part of my talk, I will discuss recent advancements in hyperpolarization of 13C-labelled metabolic substrates by dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP). Cardiac metabolism of hyperpolarized 13C-enriched pyruvate with and without inotropic stimulation in perused hearts will be presented.