Lake Wauburg Networking Event

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our First Annual Lake Wauburg Bash! I was impressed to see so many students and so many of our affiliates (including our Senior VP, Dr. Win Phillips!) who came to have fun, eat and network. It was a wonderful turnout and a lot of fun!
Photos of trophy winners from the three-legged races, the balloon toss competition, and the potato sack races! (yes, the faculty had to participate, and in fact, Drs. Hintenlang, van Oostrom and Wheeler sported trophies with their student partners!) are now posted at the link below. You will also see photos of our students and faculty dodging the gators (real ones) in kayaks and paddle boats, Dr. Jiang (competition-trained!) tearing up the volleyball court with students almost half his age, and the super sweaty Frisbee match!
Thanks again to everyone for joining us – I appreciate your help and for being good sports!  

Get ready for next year…

Click here to see all the photos. A few of our favorites are below.
Best wishes,



Students out on the lake in paddle boats and canoes.                                             Balloon toss competition (which turned into a water balloon fight!).

Faculty/Student pairs for the three-legged race!

Volleyball match with Dr. Jiang!

Time to eat!