Professor Rinaldi’s paper highlighted on the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Congratulations to Professor Carlos Rinaldi whose paper and related artwork made the cover of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B!

The featured paper titled, “Synthesis, stability, cellular uptake, and blood circulation time of carboxymethyl-inulin coated magnetic nanoparticles” is described briefly below.

This is an exciting honor and the BME department is proud to have such great representation!




Paper synopsis:

Magnetic nanoparticles suitable for biomedical applications, such as cancer treatment through hyperthermia, must be biocompatible and capable of avoiding aggregation in biological fluids while circulating in the blood stream long enough to accumulate in the intended tissue. Recent work by Professor Carlos Rinaldi, his students and collaborators reported the use of inulin, a biocompatible polysaccharide exogenous to the human body and derived from plant sources. Their work, highlighted on the cover of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B: Materials for biology and medicine June 14, 2013 issue, describes the preparation of inulin coated iron oxide nanoparticles and characterization of their physicochemical and magnetic properties. The colloidal stability of the resulting nanoparticles was demonstrated in a variety of cell culture media and conditions mimicking body fluids. In vitro studies demonstrated the particles were not cytotoxic in a variety of cell lines and that particle uptake scaled with concentration and incubation time. Furthermore, the particles were found to possess blood circulation lifetimes suitable for intravenous delivery.

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