Student Spotlight: Kiara Xhindi

Kiara Xhindi

Lab: Nino Research Group

Hometown: Vlore, Albania

Research focus: Network science studies complex systems as networks. In brain networks, community finding algorithms identify groups of interconnected brain regions, to help uncover the brain’s organization and simplify data analysis. This knowledge could shed light to disease topology and early biomarker detection.

Fun fact: I took a 48-hour bus once (and this is my fun fact for the last 5 years)

What motivates you? My biggest push is my background. Education is a privilege that I am conscious and proud to have, especially in such a prestigious university such as the University of Florida. To my good luck I was awarded scholarships that enabled my education, and I will be forever grateful, humble and hardworking to these opportunities.

What attracted you to UF BME? Biomedical Engineering was the result of my preview quiz. I had never heard about it, but the more classes I took the more I realized this major would teach me how to intersect scientific and engineering principles as applied to the human body. From then on it was hard to pick my specific interest since everything is fascinating: cutting-edge research, design problems, that will potentially make a huge impact in people’s health and general wellbeing.

What I love about Gainesville: Gainesville is so green. I love the road across Lake Alice on campus. It always reminds me of how nice it is to have a lot of nature and alligators (chomp-chomp) while walking between classes.

Quote: As long as you live, you will learn. (Sa te rrosh do mesosh)

Honors and awards:

  • Davis United World College Scholar
  • UF Honors Scholar
  • Fernandez Family Scholar
  • HWCOE Integrity Award
  • Follet Bookstore Scholarship Award
  • Wentworth Honors Scholarship