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Student Spotlight: Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez (Nickname: Juancho) Lab: BEAT Cancer Lab Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering (For now 😉) Hometown: Maracay, Venezuela Research focus: Ecological dynamics modeling of non-small cell lung cancer. Fun fact: I love to run and my fastest 5k is 27 minutes… Read More

Student Spotlight: Jenielle Urquia

Jenielle Urquia Lab: Dr. Jennifer A. Nichols Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory Degree: I am graduating with my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Hometown: Lake Mary, Florida Research focus: Evaluating force propagation across the thumb joints in individuals with Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis. What… Read More

Student Spotlight: Madeleine McCreary

Madeleine McCreary Lab: Human Neuromechanics Lab Degree: Undergraduate Hometown: Tarpon Spring, FL Research focus: The effects of stroboscopic visual perturbations on standing balance. By developing more accessible fall-prevention paradigms, they can be utilized by a larger proportion of the population.… Read More

Student Spotlight: Zaid Abu-Mowis 

Zaid Abu-Mowis Lab: Allen Lab Hometown: Amman, Jordan Research focus: My research revolves around biomaterials and regenerative medicine. Specifically, I have explored two projects: the ability of a new drug-releasing stent to reduce thrombosis and restenosis and the effects of… Read More

Student Spotlight: Kiara Xhindi

Kiara Xhindi Lab: Nino Research Group Hometown: Vlore, Albania Research focus: Network science studies complex systems as networks. In brain networks, community finding algorithms identify groups of interconnected brain regions, to help uncover the brain’s organization and simplify data analysis.… Read More

Student Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Pierantoni

Jean-Pierre Pierantoni Lab: Dr. Benjamin Keselowsky Hometown: Tampa, FL Research focus: Biomaterials, Immune Engineering principles by utilizing glycosylation methods for modification of proteins Fun fact: I was born with 6 wisdom teeth What motivates you?  What gets my brain going… Read More