Student Spotlight: Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez (Nickname: Juancho)

Lab: BEAT Cancer Lab

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering (For now 😉)

Hometown: Maracay, Venezuela

Research focus: Ecological dynamics modeling of non-small cell lung cancer.

Fun fact: I love to run and my fastest 5k is 27 minutes with 40 seconds.

What motivates you? I love to learn something new and then challenge myself to apply what I learned

What attracted you to UF BME?  I felt the department operated like a family. When I was interested in the BME department I exchanged multiple emails and phone calls with the academic advisor, at the time, Kelly Stalter. I would ask her questions about the program, how to be more competitive, etc. In one of those phone calls, Kelly invited me for a tour, to show me the facilities and get to know me a little bit better. I was shocked when I realized that meant that she would take so much time out of her busy schedule just to get to know me. Right away I decided to set up a date and come to the tour. During the tour, Kelly showed me some research labs and talked to me about organizations BME students normally were part of. However, what surprised me the most was the strong sense of community that was present from the staff, professors, and students I met that day. After that visit, I knew the BME department at UF was the right program for me. In that visit, I realized that by joining the UF BME department I would be part of a family, ready to support each other and advance together. (Sorry it was so long; I wrote it as concise as I could)

What I love about Gainesville: Most places are surrounded by nature. I love that every time that I look out a window I see trees everywhere.

Motivational Quote: “God grants victory to perseverance” – Simón Bolívar

Honors and awards:

  • University Scholars Program;
  • The Miami Dade Honors College Fellow Award;
  • Four-Year Hubert O. Sibely Florida Prepaid Tuition Scholarship