Student Spotlight: Marion Hagstrom

Marion Hagstrom

Lab: Nino Research Group (MSE)

Hometown: Pierson, FL

Research focus: Connectomic Analysis of Aging in the Human Brain

Fun fact: I toured the BME cell lab when I was a junior in high school!

What motivates you? I want to help others acquire the means to gain independence and mobility. This led me to love working on prosthetics through my involvement with Generational Relief in Prosthetics and volunteer at Gainesville Prosthetics. The support I get from my family and friends has motivated me to pursue this passion.

What attracted you to UF BME? I find the intersection of medicine and engineering incredibly interesting. On top of that, the amazing faculty and staff of the BME department are unmatched. There is a genuine camaraderie among BME majors. UF BME feels like a family.

What I love about Gainesville: There are many local events like concerts and farmer’s markets. One of my favorite places to go is GNV Market at Heartwood on Thursdays. It’s a farmers’ market with live music and great food.

Quote: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

Honors and awards:

  • Officer of the Year UF SAI Involvement Awards, 2023
  • University Scholars Program, 2023
  • Presidential Service Award, 2023
  • Outstanding Service Award, 2023
  • BME Undergraduate Excellence Award, 2022
  • Yale CBIT Global Prize Winner, 2022
  • IEEE-USA Honor Recipient for Posters on the Hill, 2022