Undergraduate Research Internship Celebration

The J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering hosted a celebration luncheon for the department’s summer undergraduate research interns.

This internal Research Experience for Undergraduates program was created for our rising BME junior and senior undergraduate students. Students worked side-by-side with UF BME faculty and graduate students on active research projects and gained first-hand experience in laboratory research. The eight week program provided a valuable academic research experience for many students who might not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program was established in Summer 2021 and is made possible by the Adenbaum Foundation, Dr. Olajompo Olabasi, Todd Goede, The Harper Family and The Santamaria Family.

The department funded 10 students for Summer 2022. Each student gave a 5-minute presentation of their research.

Event photos here.

Andrew Dickson; PI: Wesley Bolch
Microscale Radionuclide S-Values for αRPT

Olivia Osborne; PI: Christine Schmidt
Fabrication of Injectable Hydrogels from Porcine Sciatic Nerve

Alexander Armstrong; PI: Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos
Magnetic Particle Imaging as a Non-Invasive Method to Track Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy

Maria Celeste Gomez; PI: Lee Murfee
Microvascular Dynamics Laboratory: Exploring the Tumor Microenvironment

Jenielle Urquia; PI: Jennifer Nichols
The Thumb OA Project

Justin Walsh; PI: Cherie Stabler
Optimization of 3D Printed Scaffold Geometry for Islet Transplantation

Maya Dunham; PI: Cherie Stabler
Engineering an In Vitro Model to Analyze the Interactions of Immune and Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

Kaityln Turner; PI: Brittany Taylor
Taylor Lab Internship

Brendan McCue; PI: Daniel Ferris
Determining Electromechanical Delay of a Powered Prosthetic Leg

Morgan Johnson; PI: Kevin Otto
The MARTEENI Project