Welcome to GRiP

Design Today to Change Tomorrow

Who We Are

GRiP (Generational Relief in Prosthetics) is a student organization, made up of University of Florida students, that strive to make a difference in the lives of others. We make 3D-printed assistive devices, as well as adaptive controllers and toys, for those in need across the world. We also conduct research in a variety of areas and strive to educate the community on STEM through outreach activities.

How to Request a Device

Those interested in one of our upper-limb devices should fill out our device form. Then, contact our Recipient Coordinator at and our Assistive Devices Project Managers at

For adapted controllers and toys, contact our Recipient Coordinator and Gaming Project Managers at

Adapted game controllers

Be sure to reach out with any questions about the process of requesting a device. We customize the device to be sized to the recipient, as well as add any finishing touches or custom paint jobs, so be aware we have an extended design & manufacturing process.

We are open to all majors and no experience is necessary! You can contact us via our President at

Departmental Sponsors & Support

As a student organization, we do what we do thanks to students from many departments and with support from many units of the University of Florida.

External Sponsors & Support

What we do would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors, whose donations and technical support have helped guide us to where we are today.