Research Division

About Our Division

Our division focuses on researching different technologies to improve our devices, allow us to be more eco-friendly, and expand on the devices we currently offer. The research division utilizes both electrical and mechanical skills to complete their projects.

If you are interested in R&D and learning skills like SolidWorks, circuitry, PCB design, Arduinos, and Meshmixer then this is the division for you! New project ideas are always welcomed! If you have any questions join Slack and ask or stop by during virtual office hours!

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to be a part of it then you should definitely join! We are open to all students of all majors. No experience is needed!

How To Join


Here you can find an excel spreadsheet with all our meeting times, captain information, and availability. Space is limited on each team so act fast! You can find how many spots are available in the link below under the “available spots column.”

Meeting Times

Anyone is welcome to join a research team and no experience is required. Start by filling out a member application and you will receive an email to join the slack. After looking at the meeting times on the Excel sheet, checking team availability, and joining the slack message the captain about joining their team.

For information on current projects click here.

Becoming A Captain


Being a captain means leading a team. You will be responsible for directing your team and guiding your members to complete your project.

Captains also have to be adaptable in case any sudden changes come about. They must also be able to work with the other captains, including those in different divisions.


In order to become a captain, you must:

  1. Have been involved for at least one semester in GRiP
  2. Be knowledgeable about the team you are applying for
  3. Be able to attend at least two events throughout the semester
  4. Be able to attend at least one meeting a week

Captain Applications

To apply for captain, look in the slack towards the end of each semester. It should be posted along with more information.

Research Captains & Teams, 2022-2023

TeamCaptainProject &
202Luke SingletonUkele;
204Tom Rice-Bladykas3D-Scanning;
Automating prosthetic development by using scanning tech
208Jack SharkeyMyosensor 2;
Making a spiderman arm and Rock Em robots controlled by muscle flex
212Sadat UddinMimic Glove;
Development of glove controlled by flex sensors to control electronic hand
213Siena Villancio-WolterPawsthetics;
Develop prosthetics for canines with distal radius cancer
210Karley Baringer, Valery FuhrerExo Glove;
Prosthetic arm tech to provide over-the-hand assistance for muscular dystrophy
217Kathleen Yang, Jackson FugatePantheon;
A computer peripheral designed to be used universally and to industry standards