Member FAQs

How do I join a team?

You just fill out the application here and follow the steps outlined in the automatically generated email. You will then need to join Slack to be able to effectively communicate with your team.

Our divisions help develop skills and any interested member can join. It is up to you to decide what interests you the most.

What is the difference between the divisions?

There are three ‘technical divisions’ in GRiP, as well as non-technical teams that help support GRiP’s functions.

The 3D-printed Assistive Device Division, also called HANDS, designs, shapes, and 3D prints devices according to a recipient’s needs and to fit them precisely.

The Adaptive Gaming Division, also called GAMING, specializes in giving people with developmental differences the ability to play video games or play with toys by designing a controller to suit the individual’s needs.

The Research Projects Division, also called RESEARCH, works on creating devices for other people and researching different technologies to improve our devices and become more eco-friendly.

The three non-technical, art-driven teams are the Traditional Art Team, who paints devices and controllers, the Digital Art Team, which designs logo and merch, and the Marketing Team which manages our social media and website. The Outreach Team manages our outreach events and GRiP’s coordination with outside organizations.

Where is GRiP located?

GRiP is located at the University of Florida, spread between two labs – the MAE lab and the NEB lab – thanks to the support of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. However, we work with and for folks across the world. Be sure to reach out if you have questions.

How much of a time commitment is GRiP for members?

It depends on the project they are working on and the specific team. If you are on a team making a device for a recipient, there are deadlines that have to be met so the device can be delivered on time. If you are working on a research or independent design project, deadlines are a bit more flexible. There is one meeting a week and additional outreach, socials, and fundraisers to provide more ways to get involved.

Recipient FAQs

How much do the devices cost?

While the production costs of our devices vary widely, most of them are designed and delivered for free to recipients. However, some of our devices, such as those with costly electrical components, have a cost associated with them. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding cost; in general, we strive to provide all devices at no cost to the recipient. You can see our devices here.

What is involved in requesting a device?

Depending on the device being made, we may ask you to submit measurement photos or videos and describe how you would like the device to function. You can email the 3D print family email or the controller recipient email for requesting a device. We treat this data as medical information, and all individuals who will have access to it have been HIPAA and FERPA trained. If you have further questions email our President and Vice President at

Where do you get your operational funds from?

We are funded primarily through departments at UF since the devices we produce are created as a byproduct of student education and hands-on experience. We also receive donations and sponsorships through companies and independent donors. If you are interested in contributing to our organization, check out our “Donate” tab on the side!