Adaptive Video Game Controllers

Our adaptive video game controller teams specialize in giving people with developmental differences the ability to play video games with others their age by designing and customizing controllers to suit each individual’s needs. While we are open to any new designs or ideas, we specialize in customizing and rewiring PS4 and GameCube controllers.

In addition to these controllers, we also designed and built Adaptive GameBoys. In SolidWorks, we have designed small 3D-printed attachments for the Nintendo Switch and buttons for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.  We have also made a customized SNES controller and a Wii U pro controller based on a recipient’s request.

All of our adaptive controllers can be designed for use with either the left or right hand, and we have done projects ranging far beyond aiding individuals with upper-limb differences. To order a  custom device or learn more about the designs that we currently have available, contact us at!