Skills Workshops

To join GRiP we do not require any previous knowledge, instead, we host workshops to teach our members and anyone interested industry-standard skills to expand the STEM community and equip future engineers with practical experiences outside of the classroom that they will use in their career.

Soldering workshop – careful what you touch!

Interested in participating? Check out the Facebook group (@GRiPUF) or follow us on Instagram (@grip_uf) to stay up to date on upcoming workshops! Most workshops we hold focus on the technical aspects of our projects and teach participants skills such as soldering, 3D modeling, PCB design, programming, and graphic design. In addition, we also host resume, Linkedin, and headshot workshops to help our members secure jobs and internships.

Virtual Workshops

In addition to in-person workshops and workshops held over Zoom, GRiP has a YouTube channel with several useful videos teaching skills essential for many projects. For example, this Solidworks tutorial goes through the process of making a switch in SolidWorks.