Executive Board

How The Executive Board Works

The Executive Board is subdivided into three parts: Executive Officers, the Administrative Board, and the Technical Board. The Administrative Board manages various non-technical tasks, such as coordinating with recipients, organizing finances, fundraising, marketing & digital art, or outreach events. You can tell someone is on this board if they are titled a “coordinator.” The Technical Board oversees the management of all our projects, ensuring we can deliver our devices to our recipients in an efficient, safe, and quality-oriented manner. These folks will have the title “manager.”

Executive Officers, 2022-2023

Marion Hagstrom (BME 4th Year)


Sydney Clark (BME 4th Year)


Kathryn Kalouf (BME 3rd Year)

Vice President

Juan De La Espriella (BME 4th Year)


Administrative Board, 2022-2023

Vanessa Chan (BME 5th Year)

Fundraising Coordinator

Amit Sapir (BME 2nd Year)

Outreach Coordinator

Dion Ming (BME 3rd Year)

Recipient Coordinator

Evan Kiddy (Media Production 2nd Year)

Marketing Coordinator

Treson Scalf (EnviroE 4th Year)

Traditional Art Coordinator

Jeffrey Chen (BME 4th Year)

3D Printing Manager

Technical Board, 2022-2023

Lindsay Lord (CSE 5th Year)

Assistive Devices Project Manager

Catalina Diez (BME 3rd Year)

Assistive Devices Project Manager

Krista Marrocco (EE 4th Year)

Adaptive Gaming Project Manager & DEI Liason

Sabrina Bernal (EE 3rd Year)

Adaptive Gaming Project Manager

Garrison Wells (CompSci 4th Year)

Research Project Manager

Siena Villancio-Wolter (BME 3rd Year)

Research Project Manager