Marketing Team

About Our Team

Our team works to promote the engagement of our members through social media and the website. We work in collaboration with all of the executive board members to create promotional graphics for all of the GRiP events as well as for any member requests. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

It is a perfect opportunity to be more involved in the branding of GRiP and get creative. Our team helps develop skills and any interested member can join.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to be a part of it then you should definitely join! We are open to all students of all majors. No experience is needed!

Our team is led by the Marketing Coordinator, who can be contacted here: If you’d like to join the team, have a question about the website, or have a news inquiry, you can submit it to them.

How To Join


Anyone is welcome to join and no experience is required. Start by filling out a member application and you will get an email to join Slack, then message the Marketing Coordinator.

Member Application