Adaptive Gaming Division

About Our Division

Our division specializes in modifying gaming devices and toys for those with differences that inhibit their ability to off the assembly line. We work every day to ensure that absolutely anyone can enjoy playing games with no difficulty.

This means that we take pride in developing ergonomic and intuitive devices such as PS4 controllers, Nintendo Switch Controllers, GameCube Controllers, and a wide array of toys. Our division also converts children’s vehicles into wheelchairs which massively reduces the cost of getting a brand new wheelchair.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to be a part of it then you should definitely join! We are open to all students of all majors. No experience is needed!

How To Join

Connecting With a Team

After finding what teams you are interested in, go ahead and fill out our member application found below. After doing so, you should receive an email telling you to make an account for our slack workspace. Once you have an account and are signed in, look for your team’s channel that you are interested in and message the captain with any questions you have.

Member Application

Here you can find an excel sheet with all our meeting times and available spots.

Meeting Times

Becoming A Captain


Being a captain means leading a team. You will be responsible for directing your team and guiding members to complete your project. Captains also have to be adaptable in case any sudden changes come about. They must also be able to work with the other captains, including those in different divisions.


In order to become a captain, you must:

  1. Have been involved for at least one semester in GRiP
  2. Be knowledgeable about the team you are applying for
  3. Be able to attend at least two events throughout the semester
  4. Be able to attend at least one meeting a week

Captain Applications

To apply to be a captain, look in Slack towards the end of each semester. It should be posted along with more information.

Gaming Captains & Teams, 2022-2023

& Description
301Tomas VelascoAccessible Game Design;
Modifying a game to feature accessibility controls
302Ashlee Rice-Bladykas,
Anika Oberdorfer
Adaptive Audio;
Adapting a pair of Apple headphones using OnShape
303John McCauleyAdaptive Mouse;
Adapting a gaming mouse to also have keyboard functions
304Yasmine Elkadi,
Andrea McPherson
AI Robot Arm;
Controlling a 3D-printed arm using Arduino motors
305Wesley TurnerPS4 Controller;
Modifying a PS4 controller so it can be used with one hand
306Logan LairdPS5 Controller;
Modifying a PS5 controller so it can be used with one hand
307Ellie Brinkman,
Veronica Yap
Toy Adaption;
Adapting toys with switches easier to activate, doing Adapt-a-thon
308Juan De La Espriella,
Brendan McCue
Xbox by Medtronic;
Modifying an Xbox video game controller so it can be used with one hand