Doctorate of Philosophy

The University of Florida Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program seeks to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the application of engineering principles to biomedical research in a highly translational manner. The goal of this program is to graduate independent, creative, and innovative global ambassadors to the field of biomedical engineering. Students who graduate from our Ph.D. program go on to serve as managers of research teams, consultants to government, not-for-profit, and industrial agencies, researchers within small and large biomedical research firms, and academics and instructors.

The doctoral degree program in BME is designed to provide flexibility in coursework and time for rigorous independent research. Ninety credit hours are required in the following areas:

  • 9 credits in BME Core Courses
  • 6 credits of BME electives
  • 12 credits of Specialization electives
  • 4 credits of Supervised Teaching
  • Research credits to earn a total of 90 credits towards the degree

This flexible course curriculum permits tailoring of coursework to the individual interests of the student. Further, Specialization Electives provide breadth and depth to their degrees. Students in our degree program have the unique opportunity to not only take graduate-level courses in any of the 11 engineering departments in the College of Engineering, but they can also take a course in the College of Medicine. This provides a highly unique curriculum option and represents the strong synergy between our department and both the College of Engineering and College of Medicine. Further, our curriculum supports student’s interests in the Engineering Innovation Institute, where students can enroll in courses to count towards their Specialization Electives or even receive an Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate.

For a doctoral degree, didactic training (courses) is only a subset of your research experience. As you transition to independent research, you will be supported by your Doctoral Committee. Your Doctoral Committee includes your Doctoral Supervisory Chair, and 3 other members, including on external to the department. While your Supervisory Chair will take a primary role in guiding you, you should also engage the rest of your team for guidance and support as you transition from early research project development to the finalization of your definitive dissertation.