BME LA-supported courses

BME LA-ready courses are BME courses whose instructors are interested in supporting their classroom or online platform with one or more LAs to improve student engagement and facilitate discussions or in-class activities. LAs will be assigned to a course based on a matching process that maps LA interest/experience to course needs. Once one or more LAs are assigned to the course, the course will be referred to as a BME LA-supported course. The list of BME LA-ready courses may change from one semester to another and will be available in the application form. A preview of the application form (and the list of courses) can be found at the end of this handbook.

Weekly preparation meetings

LAs and the teaching team of the LA-supported course hold weekly preparation meetings. The preparation meeting is ~1 hour every 1-2 weeks and serves to discuss the course of action of the upcoming week and reflect on the results of the week before. During this meeting, LAs also provide feedback to the teaching team about any classroom observations (struggling students or groups, lagging students, confused students, stressed students, common issues…etc.).