For students who do not have a Biomedical Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree

  • BS in Engineering, Science, Physics, or Math
  • Pre-Professional Courses: Students must demonstrate competence in each of the following areas or their equivalents (semester-based given):
    • 3 Courses of Calculus
    • 1 Course of Differential Equations
    • 2 Courses of Physics with Calculus
    • 1 Course of General Chemistry
    • 3 courses in Biochemistry, Biology and/or Chemistry
    • 1 Course in Technical Communications
    • 1 Course covering one programming language (Java, MatLab, C, C++, etc.)
  • Engineering Courses:  Students must have taken at least one course from three of the following six areas:
    • Statics or Dynamics
    • Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, or Fluid Flow
    • Electrical Circuits, Electronics, or Signal Processing
    • Engineering Materials
    • Engineering Economy or Management
    • Engineering Mathematics or Statistics

Students that do not meet the above criteria should specify their plans to complete these requirements prior to admission or outline how other non-didactic experiences could substitute for these requirements. Students who do not meet admission requirements may be conditionally admitted, whereby they would be required to complete this required coursework during their first year of study. Courses taken to meet these requirements would not count towards their graduate degree.