Pre-BME Freshmen and Sophomores Advising

Freshmen Advising

All freshmen advising is now done at the college.  Please see an advisor in 204 Weil Hall.


General Advising Throughout the Semester

Due to limited available advising staff, please email and explain your issue. We will setup appointments if needed.  

Tracking Toward the BME Degree

Satisfactory progression through the pre-BME curriculum is key to a competitive application to the upper-division BME major. Pre-BME majors should follow the suggested program plan for the first four semesters as closely as possible, paying special attention to the critical tracking courses (minimum 2.8 GPA required), which must be completed by the second spring semester. Students who are not making satisfactory progress toward the Biomedical Engineering degree may be mandated to meet specific conditions in order to continue in the major or denied further registration in the department. To be considered “on-track” for your major, students are required to meet the Critical Tracking criteria. Information on Universal Tracking and Academic Progress should be reviewed here.

Overview of Tracking Requirements

– Minimum 2.8 Critical Tracking GPA

– Minimum 2.0 UF GPA

– Critical Tracking courses must be completed by the end of the second spring semester

NOTE: While the minimum critical tracking requires 2 tracking courses per semester, students should take 3 critical tracking courses after their first semester in order to complete all 11 critical tracking courses within 4 semesters

Critical Tracking Courses
– Must earn C or better within two attempts (a withdrawal is an attempt)

BME Critical Tracking Courses